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A Lifeboat is not something you ever plan to use, but find comfort in knowing that it exists. As a passenger, you board a ship with the intentions of a smooth and mishap free voyage. Every so often, however, there is an emergency that forces you to revise your plan, and the lifeboat becomes your last resort. It is in these situations that it is better to be prepared and aware, than lost and scrambling to find your way.

We have found that small businesses, internal marketing departments, and midsize advertising agencies will find themselves in a position where they are treading water on a project, and simply cannot make progress towards their final product. A misunderstanding of the intended goals, mis-information from outside vendors, and overly ambitions teams can lead a project manager into a situation that they simply cannot complete as intended.

This does not need to be the case.

At AnchorMark, we have developed the LifeBoat service as a solution to rescue the design and marketing projects of small businesses and mid-size agencies. With our unique understanding of small businesses, corporate procedures, and agencies, we have the ability to seamlessly integrate and work with your team to carry your project to completion. As business owner or manager, it is a difficult decision to abandon a project, and we feel that this does not need to be the case. AnchorMark will work with you to find the most efficient path to the final development of your project.

What type of Organization are you?

As a small business owner, it is your responsibility to grow your business through increased sales. As an intentionally small firm, we understand the difficulties a small business owner can face, including the lack of understanding and/or time available to market yourself, and reach your intended audience. AnchorMark uses a hyperlocal focus to develop a strategy to promote your business, saturate your audience, and ultimately drive traffic to your business.
In a growing corporate framework, it is common for a large organization to bring marketing and design in-house to reduce overhead costs. We have seen many instances where this action can have a negative effect on the overall brand strategy of the organization.
It is not uncommon for an agency to need added support for current clients and projects. With our agency experience, AnchorMark understand the nuances of a client/agency relationship and can integrate as a sub contractor, or white labeled employee for your agency.

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